Catalyst AIO Checkout automation software currently supporting ShoePalace
Windows Windows Only
$250 retail, $30/month renewal Out of Stock
Packed with features CatalystAIO is loaded with desirable features to help you cook
Feature Full Autocheckout Catalyst fully automates the checkout process for you, meaning you only have to save your information once beforehand, and the bot will speed through the checkout process effortlessly.
Feature Efficient Process We've designed Catalyst's carting/checkout process with maximum efficiency in mind. This means a minimal amount of effort is required in return for a high success rate and return.
Feature Bypass Bot Protection Catalyst's module uses a super-safe human mode throughout the checkout process, imitating a human experience. This allows the bot to bypass measures to stop bots from accessing the website and checking out.
Feature Checkout Loop Bypass With Catalyst, checkout as many pairs as you possibly can with only a SINGLE cart. Adding to cart successfully ONCE will allow you to checkout the same cart as many times as you want with this bypass feature!
Feature Hybrid-Browser Based Catalyst's module runs through a hybrid- browser mode. This allows for the perfect mix of efficiency and speed while also allowing for a more human-like experience to avoid being flagged by anti-bot measures.
Feature Full Proxy Support Catalyst supports all types of proxies, whether they be Datacenter proxies, Residential proxies, IP-auth proxies or user/pass proxies. This allows for the ability to run multiple instances without getting rate limited.
Supported Sites Current sites supported by CatalystAIO
Currently supporting SHOEPALACE
Actively working on more sites to add.
Catalyst Services Catalyst offers a wide range of services other than just a bot
Catalyst Proxies Catalyst Proxies Home of the best proxies for all of your sneaker desires!
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Frequently Asked Questions Some of the most asked questions answered
What is CatalystAIO?
CatalystAIO is a software intended to automate the process of purchasing limited items and releases. We can, in no way, guarantee any sort of success with the use of this software. It is only intended to increase your chances. We currently only support the Windows OS.
How much does it cost?
The retail price is $250 and comes with a free month of updates. After a month, licenses must be renewed for a fee of $30 every month.
How can I purchase CatalystAIO?
CatalystAIO is currently sold out, and copies are kept very limited in order to maximize the effectiveness of the software. Copies can be obtained through public restocks, giveaways, and groupbuys.
When will CatalystAIO be restocking?
We announce all restocks for renewal/lifetime copies on our Twitter page, @CatalystAIO. We recommend following us and turning on notifications to never miss a restock.
What payments do you accept?
We accept Credit Card payments via Stripe.
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